Below is a list of UK scientists who are available for questions and discussions about Euclid:

Name Institute Email Expertise
Saeeda Awan UCL/MSSL System Engineer for VIS instrument
Chris Brockley-Blatt UCL/MSSL VIS Instrument Project Manager
Christopher Conselice University of Manchester Science, galaxies, high redshift galaxies, surveys, links to other projects, big picture of the science, details of Euclid and its goals
Mark Cropper UCL/MSSL VIS instrument lead
Ben Dryer The Open University Space instrumentation
Alex Hall University of Edinburgh Science, Cosmology, dark energy, dark matter, expansion of the Universe
Isobel Hook Lancaster University Science, cosmology, supernovae. UK rep. on Euclid Consortium Board
Mathilde Jauzac Durham University Science/Dark Matter – Gravitational lensing in galaxy clusters
Tom Kitching UCL Science, cosmology, dark matter, dark energy, gravitational lensing
Richard Massey Durham University Science: The nature of dark matter. Hardware: mitigating damage from radiation in space.
Alkistis Pourtsidou University of Edinburgh Science, Cosmology, dark energy, large-scale structure of the Universe
Andy Taylor University of Edinburgh Science / Cosmology / Dark Matter / Dark Energy / Weak Gravitational Lensing / Science Ground Segment
Cora Uhlemann Newcastle University Cosmology, using the cosmic web of galaxies to unravel the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy
Stephen Wilkins University of Sussex Science, legacy, high-z; Larger context

Images and photos of the Euclid mission are available on the ESA Euclid website, and the Euclid Consortium website.

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