UK Meeting 2018

The 2018 Euclid UK meeting will be held in Oxford on Monday 17th –  Tuesday 18th December.  The motivation of this meeting is to bring together the UK Euclid community to discuss the wide range of science areas that are being developed, including both the primary and legacy science.  There will be short updates on mission status, but the focus will be on ongoing science exploitation within the UK.


10.30AM Coffee
Session 1 11:00AM-12:30PM Chair: Lance Miller
11:00AM Lance Miller Welcome
11:05AM Mark Cropper Euclid Mission Status
11:35AM Chris Conselice Legacy Science Update
12:00PM Colin Snodgrass Parallel Euclid and LSST observations for Solar System objects
12:15PM Jon Loveday Euclid and 4MOST
Session 2 1:30PM-3:15PM Chair: Rebecca Bowler
1:30PM Laura Bisigello Estimation of galaxy properties with Euclid
1:45PM Francesco Shankar Cutting-edge AGN mock catalogues for Euclid
2:00PM Daniel Whalen Finding the First Quasars with Euclid
2:15PM Rhys Barnett Predicted yield of redshift 7<z<9 quasars from the Euclid wide survey
2:30PM Christopher Marsden A Cosmological Visualizer
2:45PM Cora Uhlemann Probing cosmology and fundamental physics with counts-in-cells
3:00PM Florent Leclercq Density reconstruction via Bayesian large-scale structure inference
Session 3 4:00PM-5:30PM Chair: Cora Uhlemann
4:00PM Seshadri Nadathur Beyond BAO: A 1% Alcock-Paczynski measurement from the anisotropic void-galaxy cross-correlation
4:15PM Dipak Munshi Integrated Bispectrum from Euclid Flagship Simulations
4:30PM Shiming Gu Neutrino Mass in Euclid Weak Lensing
4:45PM Bill Wright Breaking the degeneracy between modified gravity and neutrino mass with redshift-space distortions
5:00PM Mike Wang Cosmological Inference from Galaxy-Clustering Power Spectrum: Gaussianisation and Covariance Decomposition
5:15PM Jascha Schewtschenko The Euclid Projects Portal (policy & implementation)

Session 4 9:00AM-10:35AM Chair: Sotiria Fotopoulou
9:00AM Andy Taylor Update on the Euclid Science Ground Segment
9:20AM James Nightingale Calibrating Charge Transfer Inefficiency in Euclid
9:35AM Jesper Skottfelt Using In-orbit radiation damage data to improve Euclid science
9:50AM Lance Miller Euclid telescope modelling for shear measurement
10:05AM Niraj Welikala 3D multi-wavelength modelling of galaxy surface brightness for astrophysical and dark energy measurements
10:20AM Bryan Gillis Shear Measurement Sensitivity Testing
Session 5 11:20AM-12:25PM Chair: Marika Asgari
11:20AM Thomas Kitching Euclid Primary SWG Update
11:40AM Peter Taylor K-cut Cosmic Shear
11:55AM Giulio Fabbian Higher-order effects in CMB lensing and weak lensing cross-correlation
12:10PM Chris Duncan Magnification and galaxy-galaxy lensing
Session 6 1:25PM-3:30PM Chair: Tom Kitching
1:25PM John Peacock Dealing with unknown systematics
1:45PM Marika Asgari Consistent cosmic shear: B-mode analysis of current public data
2:00PM Julian Merten Machine representation of weak lensing data
2:15PM Alan Heavens Bayesian photometric redshifts of partially-blended Euclid sources
2:30PM Sotiria Fotopoulou CPz: classification aided photometric redshift estimation
2:45PM Steve Cunnington Using HI Intensity Mapping to Calibrate Photometric Redshifts
3:00PM Corentin Schreiber Galaxy SED estimation for PSF modeling
3:15PM Matt Jarvis Gaussian process photometric redshift estimation
4:00PM Meeting end.


The meeting will be held in the Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, Clarendon Laboratory, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PU.


There are a variety of accommodation options in Oxford, which can be booked through your favourite booking site.  B&B rooms in the Oxford Colleges can be booked through University Rooms.   Note that car parking is not available at the Physics Department.


There is no registration fee. Morning coffee, a cold lunch, and afternoon tea are provided on both days. Travel funding for Euclid members may be provided by Carlton Baugh from a separate grant. Please request support by e-mailing cc-ing

Code of Conduct

Participants are expected to behave according to the Euclid Code of Conduct.


Lance Miller (chair), Leanne O’Donnell, Rebecca Bowler, Corentin Schreiber, Chris Duncan, Matt Jarvis.  Contact details here.