UK Meeting 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Euclid UK Meeting, to be held in Edinburgh


IfA Edinburgh


The dates for the meeting will be

Thursday 17th December 2015 – Friday 18th December 2015.


No Registration Fee will be charged for participants.


To register for this meeting, please register on the Doodle Calendar for each day of attendance:

There is a maximum of around 100 participants per day.


Directions to the Royal Observatory can be found at


Options for accommodation for a range of prices can be found at

or through your favourite hotel booking website.


Thursday 17th December 2015

1200 Lunch
1300 Welcome                                               (Andy Taylor)
1310 Euclid Project Status                                (Mark Cropper)
1340 Euclid Science Ground Segment                          (Andy Taylor
1410 Euclid Weak Lensing                                  (Tom Kitching)
1430 Euclid Galaxy Clustering                            (Will Percival)
1450 Euclid Legacy Science                             (Chris Conselice)
1510 Coffee                                             
1540 A New Bayesian Approach to Weak Lensing              (Alan Heavens)
1600 Gamma Ray Light and Cosmic Shear to Probe          (Stefano Camera)
the Particle Nature of Dark Matter                     (Anupam Mazumdar)
1620 On Non-Local Interactions of Gravity at Late Times    (Dan Hillier)
1640 Euclid:UK Public Engagement - Discussion
1700 Close

Friday 18th December 2015

0930 Coffee
1000 Lessons from the Dark Energy Survey                    (Ofer Lahav)
1030 High-z Universe with Euclid                (Jim Dunlop/Ross McLure)
1100 Coffee
1130 Spectroscopy-to-Galaxy-Clustering Channel of        (Dida Markovic)
     Euclid End-to-end Simulations 
1150 Computing landscape for STFC science                 (Peter Clarke)
1210 Euclid and LSST (Bob Mann)
1230 Lunch (Informal discussion of 
            UK Euclid-LSST interaction)
1330 On-the-Fly Ray Tracing and Potential                    (Baojiu Li)
     Applications in Euclid
1350 The Formation of the Galactic Halo from    (Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay)
     White Dwarfs in Euclid
1410 Galactic Archeology                              (Annette Ferguson)
1430 Coffee
1500 Sparse Gaussian Framework for Photometric      (Ibrahim Almosallam)
     Redshift Estimation with Input-Dependent
     Variance Prediction
1520 Testing Photo-z Distributions Using Angular              (Ami Choi)
     Cross-Correlations with Spectroscopic Surveys
1540 Cosmological Investigations with the Bispectrum  (Jennifer Pollack)
1600 Final Results from BOSS, Lessons Learnt and          (Rita Tojeiro)
     the Future in eBOSS
1620 Panel Discussion
1700 Close of Meeting

A schedule of talks can be downloaded here.

If you wish to request a talk, please email a request with talk title, to

LOC : Andy Taylor, Keith Noddle, Nathalie Dupin